What is Ebarter?

Ebarter Smart Contract is one of the most reputed trading platforms that connect the easy and secure way of trading the Daikicoins. It trades Daikicoin in every single currency with several other essential services. It comes up with easy usage of scenarios which is essential when it comes to easy and secure ways trading of Daikicoins.

We have a great experience working with Daikicoin, which came into existence in January 2017. It has also backed by the dedicated digital currency exchange in March 2018. It is created for entrepreneurs and enables people to make safe, cost-effective, and fast transactions through a decentralized network.

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Is Currency Trading Legal

It was hard for retailers before the arrival of the internet to partake in the Crypto market. Crypto doesn’t trade on a central exchange. Cryptocurrency works under decentralized markets across the globe. Therefore, only big institutions could participate in it as they equipped resources to keep the traders on-site. Now that cryptocurrency is traded through the internet, any individual can trade crypto. Retail investors can also open a crypto account overseas which enables them to trade as other foreign market partakers- free from leverage and other needs.

Service we Provide


Crypto gives users access to fully transparent platforms of trading. It centered around availing the community of consistent updates. Therefore, investing in Daikicoin is considered the best investment.

Secure & Safe

Crypto a highly-secure virtual asset exchange. Our users of advanced tools, comprising on-chain custody solutions. Blockchain technology is the main reason behind the security of investing in Daikicoin.

Margin Funding

Providers of liquidity can acquire interest by giving funding to traders willing to trade with leverage. It is traded on the order book at several rates and periods.

Customizable Interface

Arrange your workplace as per your requirements such as composing the layout, setting up data and notification preferences, and choosing between themes.

Order Types

Crypto presents a suite of order types to provide traders with the tools they require for different scenarios. Discover about our advanced Algorithmic orders types.

Margin Trading

Margin trading enables the traders to open a position with leverage. Our base assets can increase by 10% in case we open a margin position with 2X leverage.

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